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The waste and those items that are non-flushable can easily be lodged into the toilet trap after it is flushed. A blocked toilet happens when the excess garbage is stuck in the toilet trap, so the Toilet starts clogging.

Firstly do not try or force your toilets to unclog it as it can damage your plumbing systems. You can call plumbers as they have sewer cameras so they can easily inspect them. It is suggested to open it to make an attempt to unclog the Toilet if you really want to with the help of a plunger. If you are unable to unclog it, you need to hire a professional plumbing company to open it.

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Why are toilets clogged?

Clogged toilets can indeed lead to frustrated families. It is essential to know why toilets are clogged. It will help you to prevent toilet blockage and store your plunger away from your home as you would not use it in the future.

Low Flow Toilet:

Advances in toilet technology over the years have made it possible to use less water and create a powerful toilet flush that is competitive or better than regular toilets. Using less water can translate to significant savings in your water bill. The problem arises here that these toilets lack the pressure which clears the drain. It will need proper repair to unclog the drain every month. So you can call drain247 for its adequate maintenance and repair.

Non Flushable items:

The toilets are designed in such a way that it only allows few materials to pass through it. Tissue paper can easily pass through it and does not cause any problem. People throw wet wipes, cotton balls, and Q tips which retards drainage and cause problems with flushing.

Blocked Toilet trap:

The toilet trap is the curved part which is of porcelain fixtures that are built into your Toilet. It is designed in such a way that it can hold water and does not allow sewer gasses into your home. The non-flushable items clog the Toilet which includes, wet wipes, cotton, etc.

Blocked Plumbing Vent:

In modern toilets, roof vents are used to prevent air pressure vacuum that can result in hindered drain flow. With time, the vents get clogged with sticks, leaves, and other traps, which cause blockage. If the toilet is blocked, it will hinder the drain flow as well as cause regular clogs. It is imperative to hire a pro Professional plumbing company to get it to solve.

Sewer line problem:

If your drain gets clogged regularly, it means there is some problem in the sewer line. It will cause major issues inside and outside of the home. It is also really dangerous for all the family members of the home.

It is important to call a plumbing company to solve this issue because it will get to increase.

When to call a plumbing company for a clogged Toilet?

When you try every solution and are not able to solve it, then you should immediately call a plumbing company to solve the issue.

Most people have kept plungers, and a toilet brush to deal with the minor toilet clogs. Getting or buying an auger or snake is a choice that very few people make, and some people do not invest in toilet items. These tools are too expensive, and people avoid buying these toilet tools.

If you have a clog that is stubborn and not able to open the clog, then it is the best time to call 247drain company to let them know that take a look at your Toilet and fix it.

If the child has dropped a toy or any glass material into the Toilet, then you should call a plumber.

Any cloth is fallen onto a toilet it will clog the Toilet, and you can not remove it with home remedies, so calling the plumber is indeed a good choice.

To unclog the Toilet, it must be dismantled, which usually does not know how to do it, so calling a plumber is necessary at that point.

If you have tried all the chemicals to open the clog still did not work, then calling 247drain is indeed necessary for you to open it as soon as possible.

Blocked Toilet Help

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