Clogged toilet repair

Blocked Toilet? We offer Clogged Toilet Repair Service

Modern wipes and facial tissues are very popular, but not all of them are suitable for flushing down a toilet!

When items such as baby wipes, sanitary towels, facial tissues, or other items that don’t disintegrate the way toilet paper does, are put into a toilet they can cause a blockage either in the toilet or the pipes.

If left untreated the pressure build-up could cause pipes to split or leak or even worse toilets to overflow.

What to look for:

If you start noticing lingering, unpleasant smells in the toilet or near outside drains, or if the water rises to the rim of the toilet when it is flushed, these can be signs that a blockage is forming.

Fortunately, we have a special plumbing tool that fits snugly in the pipe. This and can cut through any obstruction giving your toilet drain a thorough cleaning at the same time. As a result, relieving the pressure on your drainpipes.

If the blockage is in the outside drain we can use our water jetting equipment to clear it. If pipes or joints are found to be split or broken we can repair or replace them once the blockage has been cleared.

Don’t delay

Blockages can cause serious damage if you don’t fix them quickly. If the water is rising to the rim of the toilet when flushed, sooner or later it could overflow. This is NOT something you want to happen!

Overflowing sewage is a health risk (not to mention unpleasant) and damaged drains which are left unrepaired may cause further damage to property in the longer term.
The cost of damage from leaking water and blocked pipes can far exceed the cost of professional repairs!

We can fix it

Call 24/7 Drains as soon as you suspect you have a problem. We are here 7 days a week 365 days a year.  To give you the reassurance you need in the event of a drainage or flooding emergency.

We cover the whole of the West Midlands (see our Areas Covered page) and aim to get to properties in our area within 60 minutes.

Drain Responsibility

In October 2011 the Government transferred private sewers and lateral drains (the section of the drains which joins a property directly to the main drainage) into the ownership of the statutory water and sewerage companies (in the West Midlands this is mainly Severn Trent Water). This means that individuals are no longer responsible for Private sewers that they share with another property owner.
The section of their property’s drain that lies outside the property boundary.
However, the householder still retains the ownership of and responsibility for the drain serving the property and located within the property boundary.
For more information about your drainage responsibility visit the Severn Trent Water website.

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