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In the UK we use a lot of gas appliances and systems like cookers, boilers and heaters. Some of these appliances can be old and tired. Many of us forget checking or servicing their appliances. If you need gas safe plumbers to have a look at your appliances, call us now!

Any appliance that is left unchecked could pose a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

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Gas Safe Certificates
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Gas Safety Inspection and Certificate

Besides the Inspection and Service, there is also an option to have a Gas Safety Certificate issued. For private owners of properties, it is not required to have a yearly Gas Safety Inspection and Certificate. However, for owners and caretakers (landlords and estate agents) of rented or leased properties, it is not enough to arrange a regular service. For every property where gas appliances and systems are used, the landlord is legally responsible to ensure that an annual Gas Inspection is carried out. They need to be able to show that they are in possession of a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate.

The certificate assures that all gas appliances, pipes and flues are working safely in accordance with the Gas Safe Regulations (Act 1998).

Landlords are also required to give their tenants a copy of this certificate. Your tenants might also be able to help you remember the renewal date.

Non-compliance with these regulations potentially carries large fines and other disciplinary actions. So we strongly recommend you, if only for your own peace of mind, to arrange your yearly Gas Safety Certificate.

How does it work?

During the inspection, the Gas Safety Plumbers will go through several steps.

They need to check if the appliance is set correctly and the gas is burning optimally. Additionally, they check the suitability of the appliance to the room in which it is located. They check if it is level, fitted securely and properly connected to the gas pipe. There must be a sufficient and constant supply of air. Flues and chimneys need to be clear and operating correctly. All safety devices need to function correctly. These are only a few of the check that will have to be carried out.

If any issues are detected they will perform called for adjustment, improvements and repairs. As soon as all issues are resolved, they will issue the required Gas Safety Certificate.

So, stay safe and call us anytime to arrange for one of our Gas Safety Plumbers to come to visit you.

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The faults will not always be very obvious or noticeable. Maybe the appliance is not working properly. The flame could be a lazy yellow instead of the usual crisp blue, or even keep going off. There could be an increased condensation in the room. We are not always talking about big gas leaks leading to an explosion. Therefore, for your own safety, we highly recommend having a regular service and gas safety check.

Who can issue the Gas Safety Certificate?

Only fully qualified and Gas Safe registered plumbers can carry out the Gas Safety Inspections (CP12). Our plumbers are experienced and qualified to carry out these Gas Safety Inspections and issue the Certificate.

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