Have you got problems with your plumbing and heating?

Drains 24/7 is a one-stop shop for any gas, heating and plumbing work. Besides installing new systems, we also arrange maintenance services and repairs.

Our professional, reliable and friendly team of local plumbers are fully qualified and Gas Safe ™ registered.

Our prices are competitive, honest and transparent. No hidden costs or charges. Furthermore, all jobs are fully insured and guaranteed. We have an excellent customer care team and are reachable 24/7. Our service does not stop after finishing the current job.

Boiler repair service

Boiler and Heating Installation

If you have systems that need replacing or you have no system at all yet, we can assist you in finding the optimal solution for your premises.

As we are independent we are not limited to offering only certain brands. Together with you, we can genuinely choose the best option.

Maintenance Service

Most manufacturers recommend an annual service is carried out. We offer the option to send you a reminder a few weeks before your annual service is due. Once the service has been carried out, we supply you with a detailed inspection report. Any issues that have been found will be resolved. Our maintenance service not only includes checking if the system works safely but also if it is still efficient.

Boiler Repair Service

It is never a convenient time to have an issue with your heating or hot water.

It is important to have a constant and reliable supply of heating and hot water in your premises.
Whether it is hot water for washing hands or for heating the offices. No matter what, they should be readily available.

Having a boiler or radiator breakdown can result in a very inconvenient and often expensive situation. The consequences of, for example, a leaking radiator can be a large flood. This can cause damage to the existing flooring and result in having to replace this. Water can also seep into walls and ceilings, which will result in having to get in tradesmen to sort out those issues too.

Unfortunately, the majority of boiler breakdowns happen in the colder winter months. Boilers have been inactive for a long period. And when they are forced back into life there is a lot of pressure put on the system.

So it is important to look out for signs of beginning problems. In doing so, hopefully, you can catch any issues before they result in big and expensive problems.


A few common symptoms to look out for:

The radiators are not as hot as usual
The hot water does not get to the normal temperature
Leaking and dripping
Strange noises in the pipes
The pilot light keeps going out
Losing pressure
The boiler keeps switching itself off.


In some occasions, it can be pretty challenging to pinpoint the cause of the issue. Several of the most well-known causes are:

  • Inaccurate or substantial fitting of systems
  • Installation of substandard systems
  • Thermostat on the radiator has stopped working
  • Buildup of calcium in the pipes or valves
  • Lacking or non-existing maintenance
  • Wear and tear of the systems

Investigation and Repair

Our well trained and reliable engineers will be able to investigate and determine the exact cause of the problems and have these rectified as quickly as possible. And when parts are required to handle the repair, these will be ordered and fitted without delay, so to avoid any additional disruption. We will have you up and running in no time.

All our engineers are fully qualified and Gas Safe registered.

Please feel free to call us anytime to let us help solve your boiler and radiator problems.

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