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Why Should You Replace Your Lead Pipe?

Using lead pipes for supplying water is hazardous to your health. If you don’t replace your lead pipe, the lead gets mixed in with the water, and drinking that lead contaminated water can lead to many health complications. Children and pregnant women are more at risk, and adults are prone to getting dangerous heart diseases when exposed to the lead contaminated water for a long time.

Lead Pipes Are Banned

In the old times, the lead was used for a variety of applications, including the plumbing and electricity. Due to the rising concerns of public health safety, the government has banned many of the lead applications, and limited the use of the matter to a minimum.
Although the government has banned the use of lead pipes for water supply for more than 25 years, many old homes in the U.K., especially the ones build in and before the year 1970 still have lead pipes that are being used to supply the water to the residents, drinking water included. Now that it is known how dangerous it is to use them, it has become necessary for everyone to change the pipes to a healthier alternative due to safety concerns.

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Should You Be Worried About The Lead Pipes?

If your home was constructed in recent years, then there is no reason for you to be worried. But if your home was built in, say 1970 or before that, then you should go ahead and check if the lead pipes still exist on the property or not. If yes, then get them replaced immediately, and also replace the related fixtures and pipes to make sure the danger is eliminated.

Should You Be Worried About Water Mains Supply Pipelines?

No, you have no reason for the mains water supply pipelines. The reason for that is that no lead pipes are being used in the water supply system, and even if there is a problem in there, then the water supplier is responsible for it, not you.

Who Is Responsible For The Lead Pipes Replacement?

If you are a little bit familiar with your plumbing system, you will know that the entire pipe network is divided in to two parts; the internal pipeline, and the external supply line. For the external mains water supply line, your mains water supplier is responsible for the replacement, repair and any maintenance required. However, for the pipeline network located in your home, you are the one responsible. If you own the property, then you are charged with changing the lead pipes. However, if you have rented the house, you might have to contact the landlord for further details or permission, depending upon the

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Lead Pipe Replacement - Water Main Repair

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