Cured in Place Pipe Lining (CIPP)

When you need to renovate pipelines, there are many different methods that people consider using to accomplish their goals. However, the best and most efficient method is often the cured in place pipe lining (CIPP).

In case you didn’t know what this process is, we’re taking a look at what it is, and how the process is completed.

What is No Dig Drain Pipe Repair?

The lining

The premise behind the No-Dig Drain Pipe Repair Technology is a lining which is installed in the pipework. The process is used primarily to renovate gravity pipelines, culverts and also pressure pipelines. These types of pipelines are ones which are commonly used in utility services such as water, gas and sewage.

However, there can be pipelines which are used for things like food and drink as well, depending on the circumstance. Depending upon the different types of curing methods which are available, pipelines which are between 100mm and 2,700mm in diameter and circular can be lined.

As well as this, there are certain types of non-circular pipelines which can be lined as well; these include ones like egg-shaped or box culvert pipelines.

The technique

The technique itself was invented by a gentleman called Eric Woods during the 1970’s. While the technique has progressed and developed over the years as new technology has come into play, the basic premise has remained the same; fitting a new pipe inside an older one to improve the existing pipes.

How does cured in place pipe lining work?

To begin with, the section of pipeline which is due for renovation and lining must first be removed from active service. Once the pipeline has been removed and prepared, the process can begin.

A saturated lining tube which is made of resin is installed into the pipeline, in a process which is usually achieved by either winching or inversion. Once the resin has been put into its proper place, it is then heated to high temperatures in order to create a chemical catalyst. This will cause the curing process actually to start.

No dig drain pipe repairThe curing process is usually conducted by hot water, steam, or even a UV light in certain circumstances. However, it is worth noting that ambient cured technology can be applied to smaller renovation projects, for example, the house drain connections to the sewer systems.

Overall, the process of no dig drain pipe repair is beneficial for putting a new pipelining into an older pipe to improve it. The process is something which can be applied to a range of pipes and pipe sizes and helps to improve the longevity of a pipe without the need for replacing the entire pipework.

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