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Water leaks (from taps, boilers, radiators and pipes), and toilet and pipe blockages don’t occur very often, but when they do it is best to get them fixed straight away. Our emergency plumber can help whenever you need it.

Save Time! We will be with you within an hour from your call. Anywhere in the West Midlands.

Call Any Day, Any Time! We are available 24/7 all year round.

No Job Too Big! We regularly take on big or unusual jobs for both domestic and commercial customers.

We Are Certified & Insured! That’s right! We make sure you are covered!

Our Customers Love Us! Just see some of our reviews on Checkatrade.

Drain Unblocking and Plumber Wednesbury

Whether you are dealing with a plumbing emergency or have just noticed that the water is draining slowly from your tub or sink, finding an expert plumber Wednesbury is not an easy task. While there are a lot of plumbers out there, not all of them will be able to meet your needs and provide you with the comprehensive service that is required.

Trust us
We are one of the most reliable plumbing service providers in the area of Wednesbury. Over the years we have acquired a solid reputation in the market, due to our first-rate quality of work and excellent word-of-mouth from our customers.

Once you give us a call, we reach the venue, inspect the problem, and implement a fix immediately – the job is finished with minimal fuss. We do our best to ensure your daily routine remains unaffected while the work is going on.

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Blocked Drains in Wednesbury?

We work with fully qualified and certified technicians who have many years of experience. Hence our confidence in telling you that we guarantee that you will get true value for money. Furthermore, we never sub-contract our work to other companies or tradesmen. We deal with any and all parts of your job in-house. In this way we have full control of the quality of work that is being done.

We provide a very wide range of plumbing services, amongst which: drain unblocking, general pipework, drain inspection and cleaning. We cover the entire Wednesbury area.

24×7 Availability
We are available in emergency situations 24/7 on weekdays, weekends including holidays – our response time is quick, typically around half an hour. Since we are based in Wednesbury, we are never far away.
So, always keep our phone number at hand so in case of an emergency we can get to you promptly.

We continually aim to offer you an immediate and permanent solution for your emergency. However, in the rare occasion that we are not able to create a permanent solution, for example because we need to order parts, we assure you that these parts are ordered immediately. We usually are able to get parts within 24 hours. And as soon as we receive them, we will come out to you to finish the job fully. There will be no unnecessary delays.

If you are searching for reliable drain unblocking services or other plumbing services in Wednesbury, call us to find out how we can help you.

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Why Choose Us?

When it comes to unclogging drains, at 24/7 Drains we do it all professionally and cost-efficiently. Here is why you need to choose us:

A certified and insured company
Swift action taking teams
Experienced staff
Discounts and reasonable rates
24/7 services
Professional grade service
No call-out charges
Absolutely no hidden charges
Guaranteed satisfaction
Attractive discounts

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