From uncooked turkey leftovers which might poison the water with salmonella and deadly mixes of cleaning substances, to very traumatic puppy down the drain surprises…

How does it feel to be a plumber at Christmas?

To be a plumber, especially on events like Christmas, is not an easy task; as a plumber, you have to be ready for any emergency like a flood which is caused by drainage or sewer line blockages mostly; plumbers also have families; they have an absolute right to enjoy the events in a stress-free manner.

The Incident took place during the event holidays due to drainage blockage.

Blockages in your sewer lines aren’t just wrong for your plumbing; they’re harmful to your health too. When sewer lines get clogged up, it eventually forces wastewater to flow back. This backflow of polluted water makes a breeding base for harmful bacteria and microorganisms in your sewer lines. It produces some deadly gasses, which can be fatal for anyone, especially plumbers. One of the incidents occurred in the recent past where the sewer pipe is blocked for many days during the holidays. And when the plumber gets into it to fix the clog, gas produced in the sewer lines affects his brain, which causes its death.

Food leftovers in the drainage lines are the leading cause of deadly toxic gasses,

People throw uncooked food products, chemical cleaners, human waste material, and other food and non-food items during the event holidays. When your sewer lines and drains function correctly, they save you and your home from the smells and consequences of these deadly gasses. However, when your sewer lines are not working correctly by clogging, those poisonous gasses can make their way into your home. and can seriously affect you and your plumber’s health. Sometimes it causes death.


Our ethical responsibilities, especially on holidays

Most homeowners may not recognise that they are responsible for keeping and restoring their sewer lines. There is one main sewerage line, and another one is your home sewerage line connected to the mainline don’t throw any hard or uncooked food and non-food items into it. It will become clogged.

The sewer lines are owned and sustained by the property owner, and it is the primary responsibility of the house owner that the sewer lines should be taken good care.


Properly dispose of fatty products.

During the holidays Cooking oil should be flowed into a heat-resistant container and disposed of correctly after it cools off, do not throw it in the drain. Putting grease or oily products down the drain with hot water can be the leading cause of the clog. As the fatty item cools down, it will get solid in the sewer line,


Properly dispose of paper items.

Paper tissues, disposable diapers, wipes, wrapping paper… and other disposable products do not throw away quickly. It can cause a significant deal of problems in the drainage system of the house as well as in the main sewer line.


Before holidays cut tree roots, if you have a tree in your yard, you have to cut the unwanted roots because it causes the drainage to get blocked.

Don’t give animals as a gift

Parents often give to their children a puppy for Christmas without realising that neither the child nor them is prepared to look after the animal. The puppies often end up being ridden off. For various reasons. Perhaps a child wasn’t gentle enough and caused the puppy’s accidental death. Perhaps a parent got fed up with all the additional caretaking. Either way, there is nothing more traumatic for a plumber to pull out dead bodies from the drains just after Christmas.