before you call a plumber

How to prevent having to call out a plumber

Before You Call A Plumber

The most common issues that occur are easily fixable. Even for those who have little or no DIY experience. So before you call a plumber to come and fix your problem, have a go at it yourself. Here are a few examples of issues for which you might not need to call a plumber.

creaking copper pipes

Creaking pipes

There is a logical reason for the sound that copper pipes make. When running hot water through these pipes, they expand. When the pipes expand they grind against the pipe hangers and joists. You can prevent this sound by adding, for example, felt or polystyrene in between the pipe and the hangers.

Clogged kitchen sink

This is often caused by the sink trap filling up with dirt. If the water still trickles through you could try pouring a solution of ⅓ vinegar and ⅔ baking soda down the drain. This creates a chemical reaction which often clears minor drain clogs. If this does not do the trick, you need to take off the sink trap. If you would just take off the sink trap it is highly likely you would cause a considerable mess. So, first use a plunge. This will push most of the water and some of the dirt out of the trap. Then put a bucket under the trap. Loosen the trap, empty it and clean it. Make sure that when you put the trap back, you tighten it correctly. Run some water through it and check for leakages. Only then remove the bucket.

Leaky toilet

When your toilet keeps dripping water there is a potentially a problem in the cistern. First, check the water level. The end of the flush valve needs to be above water level. If this level is too low, you need to check the water supply. If this is not causing the problem then shut off the water supply to the toilet and flush the toilet till the cistern is empty. Then check that the flapper is clean and in good condition. This component is further down in the bottom of the cistern. And is made of plastic and soft rubber (usually black or red). This is connected to the chain hanging down from the flush handle lever. This component needs to seal tight. If it is dirty or corroded it will not do its job and needs cleaning or replacing. Also when the flapper seat is dirty, it might cause an issue. These are 2 simple checks that often sort out the issue.

Of course, there are many more issues you could sort out yourself. But on the occasion that you are not able to do so, please feel free to call us anytime and we will happily lend a helping hand.