Project Description

Blocked Gully Drain Wolverhampton.A customer in Wolverhampton called us out on an emergency. They needed a gully drain unblocking. It caused a flood in the basement area.

Gully drains are designed to get rid of surface water, rainwater as well as water that comes from sinks, dishwashers and washing machines. They are often made up from a combination of traps and bends. And, to be fair, are often an accident waiting to happen. And here it happened.

Although the flood was inside the building, this does not mean the blockage is inside too. It is highly likely that leaves and debris outside have caused the blockage. Which then stopped the water from inside to drain away.

Luckily this was in an area with a concrete floor. So it did not damage any flooring such as carpet or laminate. And in this occasion it did not cause problems in areas where customers visited either.

We used a manual rod to prod and thus unblock the drains. After putting in some elbow grease, we managed to get through the blockage which then allowed the water and dirt to drain away. We made sure we cleared the entire blockage and not only made an opening in it. And after a good scrub all was sorted.

To prevent issues like this we suggested to keep an eye on the build up of obstacles such as leaves and sticks outside. If these obstacles are swept up instead of flushed down the drains, they cannot cause blockages.

However, when blockages do occur, we are here to help.