Project Description

Blocked toilet in Wolverhampton!! When the water in a toilet is no longer draining away properly many call that a blocked toilet. However it is not often that the cause is actually the toilet itself. A more common suspect is a blocked drain. Which can be anywhere in between the toilet and the mains.

For a regular customer in Wolverhampton we had to find out where the problem was caused. After taking the entire toilet out we tried to locate the blockage in the drains. But the water we threw down the drain flowed freely.

So the blockage was situated before the drains. The only place it could be was in the toilet itself. And indeed. We found an air-freshener that was lodged in the bend of the toilet. Causing an obstruction that stopped toilet paper to pass through. And this together actually caused a blocked toilet and stopped the water from draining away.

If you have trouble with a blocked toilet in Wolverhampton or drain don’t hesitate to contact us.