Project Description

Gully drain replacement Wolverhampton.We were called out by a customer in Wolverhampton. They had issues with their water not draining away freely. Especially the drain in the shower was hesitant. We ended up performing a gully drain replacement.

The gully drains in this property are used to drain the rainwater from the gutters as well as the water coming from the sink, shower and washing machine from upstairs and the sink and dishwasher from the kitchen. Especially on a rainy day this can be a lot to handle at a time.

The most likely culprit in causing this problem is the sink in the kitchen. Very often liquid grease is flushed down when cleaning the dishes. Liquid grease often solidifies when cooling down. And it attracts other passing “bits” that are trying to make their way out. Blockages often start with a little build up of debris. Which then starts to collect more and more of the same. And at a certain point can cause a complete blockage of the pipes.

For this customer we first cleared the blockage and then replaced all the pipes from the house to the gully and the actual gully. Making it all look clean and neat again. With free flowing streams of water from all sides.

Using black piping makes it blend it a little better than the usual white ones. It was not possible to hide the pipes in this case. However we think the black pipes look rather good.

Another family happy and able to have showers and clean the dishes without a problem.