Project Description

Gully drain unblocking in Wolverhampton.There were complaints about a number of blocked gully drains outside the EE store in Wolverhampton. Fortunately one of our specialties is gully drain unblocking.

When we turned up to sort out the issue we were surprised to find out that there was a large amount of cigarette buds in, on and around the gully drains.
This was an area that had been assigned as designated smoking area. And employees of this and of surrounding shops gather here in their breaks for a quick smoke.

There is no bin available in the direct vicinity of the smoking area. So people got into the habit of throwing their buds on the cover of the drain.
And although some of the buds will have flushed away, over time this caused a build up of debris. This in turn caused a blockage that no longer allowed rain water to flow away.
Therefore we strongly recommend to place a bin in any designated smoking area.

We were quickly able to sort out the blockages by first using a manual rod to break up the blockages. And then finish off the job by scrubbing the surrounding areas.

If you have trouble with a blocked drain don’t hesitate to contact us.