Project Description

Gutter Drain Unblocking Dudley.We were called out to a property in Dudley, which is in the care of one of our regular landlords.

The drains were not allowing the rainwater coming off the roof and the ground to drain away. We could see that the drain was covered with leaves but did not expect this to be the entire cause.

Just a little bit away from the drain there is a manhole, integrated with the paving. Which to our opinion looks quite neat.

When we lifted the manhole cover, we saw the flooding has extended to the manhole too. So indeed, the leaves on top of the drain did not cause the obstruction.

We used a manual rod to find out where the blockage was and tried to loosen this up. As you can see on the pictures, we took out quite a large amount of wipes. There were most likely wet wipes that were flushed down the toilet. As we keep mentioning, it is an accident waiting to happen. And in this case, it happened.

After solving the mystery of the blockage and freeing this up, we used our high pressure water jet to clean up the remaining dirt and made the manhole look spic and span again. Of course we also cleaned up the area around the drain.

To prevent issues like this we suggested never to flush anything like wet wipes and sanitary products down the toilet. If in doubt, don’t flush it.

However, when blockages do occur, don’t stress because we are only one phone call away. Day and night 24/7.