Pressure washing service
Car park cleaning services


Is your home or business suffering from the ravages of weather?

Are mould and algae staining your walls, pathways and decking?

Our water jet cleaning service can remove that slippery algae and moss, brighten your walls and refurbish your paths.

Water jetting can also remove unsightly chewing gum from floors and paths, and graffiti from walls.

Driveways and parking areas greasy? We Offer Pressure Washing Service

Over time oil and grease can build up on parking areas – we can remove those ugly oil stains and de-grease driveways and parking areas.

Let us help you improve your home and business.

How does it work?

During the inspection, the Gas Safety Plumbers will go through several steps.

They need to check if the appliance is set correctly and the gas is burning optimally. Additionally, they check the suitability of the appliance to the room in which it is located. They check if it is level, fitted securely and properly connected to the gas pipe. There must be a sufficient and constant supply of air. Flues and chimneys need to be clear and operating correctly. All safety devices need to function correctly. These are only a few of the check that will have to be carried out.

If any issues are detected they will perform called for adjustment, improvements and repairs. As soon as all issues are resolved, they will issue the required Gas Safety Certificate.

So, stay safe and call us anytime to arrange for one of our Gas Safety Plumbers to come to visit you.