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Graffiti Removal Service and Wall Cleaning

Does your house need a facelift? Is it lacking a bit of colour? Are your boundary walls looking grimy?

Consider all options before you go down the expensive route of re-painting. All it might take to brighten things up is a good clean.

Over time water stains can occur, possibly from overflowing gutters or pipes. Furthermore, moss and dirt can form on walls and ruin their look. You might live near the main road, railway line or industrial estate. Or you or your neighbours use coal or wood-burning stoves. In all these instances soot and dirt can build up and affect your external walls. Whether the walls are part of a building or surrounding landscape, regularly cleaning them can improve their appearance. And this, in turn, will improve the appearance of your entire property.

24/7 Drains can clean your walls using the appropriate technique.

High-pressure washers are not always the correct solution, particularly if you have a crumbling brick problem or a textured coating.

24/7 Drains cover the whole of the West Midlands (see our Areas Covered page).

What to look for:

Stained Concrete Walls

If the walls are made of concrete, the permeable surface tends to absorb staining agents. As a result, no amount of scrubbing can get the dirt off. This is where a thorough clean using concrete-safe cleanser will help. It lightens the stains and usually removes them completely.

Wall Coating Systems

If your house or building has been coated with a textured wall coating system they are usually self-cleaning and look fresh for years.

However, depending on where you live, small airborne particles of dust or dirt can settle on the top of each tiny piece of texture in your wall coating. These pieces are usually crushed marble or perlite and give added strength to the coating and improve weather protection. But unfortunately can also act as a handy ledge for dirt. The end result is a dull or dirty look to the walls.

Walls with these coatings can be freshened up with a light clean using a LOW pressure washer – not a high pressure one, otherwise, large chunks of the coating could be ripped off!

Graffiti Problems?

If your walls have suffered from an outbreak of graffiti it can be much harder to remove than you think. Certainly harder than it was to apply!

This is especially true when it’s on rough unpainted brickwork, or concrete walls, which if left untreated for any length of time can prove impossible to completely eradicate and the best that can be done is to reduce it to an unrecognisable ‘shadow’.

24/7 Drains have the skills and the equipment to help remove unsightly graffiti. Sometimes it may take several treatments, but we aim to get rid of it in the end! Then over time, the ‘cleaned’ area should weather back to the original colour and texture.

If your walls have been ‘Tagged’ don’t delay!
Call us on 0121 530 2901 straight away to remove it.

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